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Vytec Fasteners

Plastic Staples U-9

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Non-metallic, strong clamping staples. VYTEC Fasteners staples do NOT damage cutting tools or sanding belts during woodworking and carpentry processes, withstand temperatures of approximately 170°C, are NOT electrically conductive, do NOT rust or corrode, and because they are non-metallic they do NOT set off metal detectors.


- For all types of wood, boards, logs, and panels.
- Wood/log labelling in all types of processes up to the finished product.
- Packaging.
- Moldings labelling.
- Nautical.


- Height: 9mm.
- Width: 9mm.
- Thickness: 1,5mm.

Machine to use:

- R-14 VYTEC manual machine.


- Boxes of 3,000 units approx.

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Strong and durable. Made from composite polymers. These brads can withstand all types of weather conditions.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.